The Generation Kill Transcript Project



Episode 1: Get Some

In early 2003 in Kuwait, US First Recon Marines prepare to invade Iraq as the 'tip of the spear' for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Marines in Bravo Company combat boredom, cramped tents, a lack of supplies, and inclement weather while awaiting orders from their commander, Colonel Stephen 'Godfather' Ferrando. They meet a writer ('Scribe') who is embedded with Bravo's Platoon Two point vehicle, led by Brad 'Iceman' Colbert.

Febuary - mid March: Mathilda.
March 11: Wright arrives at Mathilda.
March 13: Wright embeds with Colbert's team.
March 16 night: Pizza Hut cars arrive.
March 17 noon: Roll out of Mathilda.
March 17 night: Dig in staging area 20k south of Iraqi border.
March 20: Bombs dropped in Iraq early am; 48 days in field; gas scares.
March 20 late: Godfather briefing, roll out.
March 21 early: Cross into Iraq.
March 21 late: Meet Fedayeen and turn away; dig in at Burayyat An Rataw.
March 22 early: Meet surrendered Iraqi soldiers, turn them away.

Episode 2: The Cradle of Civilization

Bravo busts north and gets lucky that the only bullets flying are those from Platoon Three leader, 'Captain America'. They continue to lag behind other companies, partly because of a wrong turn made by Captain 'Encino Man' Schwetje, who blames his mistake on Colbert. Wanting real action, the platoon finally gets 'lit up' in a violent but sucessful skirmish.

March 22 late: Go north, dig in by canal.
March 23: Road to Nasiryah.
March 24: Bridge at Nasiriyah, Alpha engaged.
March 25 am: Cross Euphrates; Nasiriyah; move into Mespotamia.
March 25 pm: Engage foot mobiles on Route 7; Schwetje orders wrong turn; Al Gharraf shitfight.
March 25 night: Dig in outside Al Gharaf; Colbert and Person sent to find lost officer.

Episode 3: Screwby

Having survived its trial by fire, Bravo presses forward. On new orders, they try to take control of a dangerous situation created by Captain Schwetje. The men then trek through the night to gather reconnaissance before British paratroopers can hit an airfield controlled by Iraq'a Republican Guard. The men are instructed to shoot on sight. Trombley wounds two Iraqi shepherd boys.

March 26: North on Route 7. Past Ash Shatrah, rural hamlet schwacked by RCT-1; stop outside Ar Rifa under fire; Fick stops Schwetje from calling in danger close.
March 26 night: Race to Qalat Sukhar airfield
March 27 am: Assault airfield; children shot by Trombley.
March 27 night: Dig in at airfield.

Episode 4: Combat Jack

First Recon regroups, but the abandoned supply truck has been looted, reducing rations to one meal a day. Low on morale, Alpha receives a new mission: recover the body of a murdered Marine in Al Shatra. Meanwhile, Bravo pushes north, clearing hamlets under heavy fire. Bravo sets up a roadblock and the men debate the proper protocol for stopping cars.

March 28: Qalat Sukhar airfield; Schwetje wants people's opinions; Godfather condemns insubordination.
March 28 night: Fire mission called to kill evil sand.
March 29 am: Investigation into imaginary armor.
March 30 am: Chaplain gives service; Schwetje gives talk.
March 30 pm: Continue towards Al Hayy; Alpha detatched to recover Marine in Ash Shatrah; clear hamlets south of Al Hayy for mortar teams; pinned down by RPG team.
March 30 night: Move through Al Hayy, set up roadblock.
March 31 am: Alpha rejoins at roadblock.

Episode 5: A Burning Dog

The men of Bravo are frustrated by the fickle nature of the war. First Recon receives intelligence about an ambush at a bridge, and they wait out an assualt before Colbert's team leads Bravo across. First Recon's men examine the enemy casualties and discover their foes are not who they imagined. Bravo continues north, where they must set up another roadblock and destroy the Republican Guard outpost.

April 1 am: Leave Al Hayy, hamlet schwacked.
April 1 pm/night: Canal road, get intel on Al Muwaffaqiyah ambush; pause at camp while LAVs go in; Muwaffaqiyah bridge clusterfuck; Patrick and Stafford injured.
April 2 am: Muwaffaqiyah cleanup; back to camp; Muwaffaqiyah roadblock; Hasser shoots civilian.

Episode 6: Stay Frosty

The violence of 'Captain America' wears on his troops and 'Encino Man' puts Fick on notice. After a friend shares horror stories about the Marine reservists, First Recon heads to Baqubah to combat Iraqi armor with those same reservists in tow. The mission is a success, but it is soon overshadowed by an accusation against Sergeant Kocher that he mistreated a prisoner. First Recon moves into Baghdad.

April 2 pm/night: Push to Al Kut; dig in two klicks south; McGraw "stabs" enemy soldier.
April 3 am: Col Dowdy relieved; First Recon's feinting mission revealed; move south; find naked Iraqis by side of road.
April 3 night: Dig in; Griego invents bullshit tank mission.
April 4 am: Encounter Baghdad refugees; set out towards Baghdad.
April 6 am: Reach POG camp, dig in.
April 8 pm: Depart for Baqubah; cross magic line at night.
April 9: Continue north; Alpha shoots at Garza; Delta guy reports McGraw, Kocher and Redman for abusing EPW; move south towards Baghdad.

Episode 7: Bomb in the Garden

With only one translator for the batallion, First Recon can only send sporadic patrols into Baghdad. Their attempts to help the Iraqi people are thwarted by ever-changing assignments, lack of supplies, and cultural misunderstandings. The Marines reflect on their time in Iraq and organize a football game. Wright says his goodbyes to the men and Lilley shows the movie he's put together.

April 10 pm: Enter Baghdad, Saddam (Sadr) City; hole up at cigarette factory.
April 11: Alpha goes on Patrol; sniper shoots at Wright et al.
April 12: Bravo Two patrols slum north of Saddam City; rebillet to hospital at night.
April 13: Bravo Two goes into Seven Castles with translator Hussein; Bryan gives medical care; rebillet again.
April 14: Wright and Meesh go to mosque.
April 15: Return to mosque with water.
April 16: Given night mission to recon park; Fick refuses order to send men out.
April 17: Colbert detonates unexploded ordinance.
April 18: Final night in Baghdad spent in soccer stadium.
April 19: Set up camp south of Baghdad.
April 22: Patterson refuses to send out men on minefield mission; Schwetje sends out Bravo Three; engineers injured by mines.
April 23: Head further south to military complex at Ad Diwaniyah.
April 23: Wright leaves; Patterson takes down Schwetje; Bravo Company watches Lilley's movie.



N.B. The timeline follows the events of the series, and differs occasionally from dates in the book.