The Generation Kill Transcript Project

Welcome to After Action Report, a Generation Kill resource site.

Many fans have bemoaned a lack of transcripts for the epic HBO series, Generation Kill. Transcribing the series seemed a daunting task, especially given the amount of background conversation, radio traffic and military jargon. But then, one should never underestimate the resourcefulness of fans. Thanks to the help of many, here you'll find a full set of transcripts, both online and downloadable in several formats. We hope people find them useful.

Along with the transcripts, you'll find maps of the route taken by Bravo Two, a timeline, a character page to help identify the huge cast, and screencap galleries and zip files for downloading.

Due to the complexities of the show dialogue, we can't guarantee the accuracies of the transcipts: none of us are military experts and none of us have read the scripts. So, please, if you spot any errors, use the contact link to the left and let us know. And if you have any ideas for resources that could be added to the site, please suggest them.

Finally, this site is not associated with HBO, David Simon, Ed Burns, Evan Wright, or any of the real men portrayed in the miniseries. If anyone involved should wander this way, we claim no copyright to this material and we hold all parties in the highest esteem. (But if anyone involved should want to send us the scripts, at least one fan would be eternally grateful.) This site is for informational purposes only. It has been an amazing project to work on and a labor of love. We hope you enjoy the results.