The Generation Kill Transcript Project



The following people helped in the production of this resource site.

Transcripts: Adrienne, Amberly, Chel, Chris, Chrystie, Elsie, Extrathursday, Gena, George, Hazel, Ioanna, Jazzy, Jess, Jorgi, Lydia, Mali, Marcolette, Max, Melly, Mia, Mian, Missdunham,  Moya, Purelyironic, Shoshannagold, Signe, Tali, Templemarker, Terribilita,  Tess, Tiki, and Wendy.  Final editing by Chel and Signe.

Maps and brainstorming and more: Chel.

Screencaps, artwork and website design and hosting: Signe.


Timeline: Nigeltde.


Website name: Templemarker.


Editing and suggestions: Alethia.

A huge thank you to everyone involved, including everyone who has suggested corrections - it wouldn't have been possible without you all.